Building Arizona's Future

An independent effort focused on electing Democrats
 to the Arizona State Legislature in 2012 

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Tired of watching the extremist elected officials abuse their power time and time again?

Sick of seeing politicians who would rather engage in political rhetoric and grandstanding
than actually work on common-sense solutions?

Disgusted by the fact that Governor Brewer and Senate extremists overthrew a citizen
appointed commission so they could gerrymander new legislative maps
in order to protect their own jobs?


It’s time for a new direction for the Grand Canyon State!

Please support our efforts to elect more Democrats to the Arizona legislature who
will focus on putting Arizonans back to work and getting Arizona back on track. 
In order to stop the extremists from completely ruining Arizona, we need your help today. 
Please click on the Contribute button to help elect more Democrats in 2012!

Building Arizona’s Future can accept individual, PAC, and corporate contributions.

Thank you for your support!


Our 2012 Legislative Salute event was a huge success due to our incredible partners.  Please click here to view a list of supporters for the event.


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